Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do You have GAS?


    Many times, as musicians, we find ourselves in a rut.  It's like you hit a brick wall in your progress and just can't figure out how to climb over it.  No matter what we try to do, that wall just seems to get stronger and eat away at our minds, and sometimes even push us to go back and consider who we really are, or why we do what we do.  It seems like there's no way out, nowhere to turn.  

    You blame yourself for your seeming shortcomings and figure it out.  "Thats it! I just don't have the right gear to reach my full potential."  You then proceed to go out and spend $2,000 on a new instrument that is made of some extremely rare wood from Madagascar because the salesperson told you that it would give you a highly individual and superior sound.  

    You take the instrument home and see that it does indeed give you an excellent sound, but you still are not progressing.  You're still banging your head against that brick wall.  You continue to go out and buy more and more equipment in hopes that you will find the right one.  The one that lets you play to the best of your abilities.  Years pass and you find that you are still expecting that magic piece of equipment to come along.

    Your mindset as a musician completely changes.  Now, every time you get stuck in a rut you go out and buy a fancy piece of equipment.  You have made yourself believe that buying new gear makes you better.  This is called Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or GAS.

    Instead of buying new gear every time you get stuck in a rut and lose motivation, try sitting down and actually practicing.  That is the only thing you can do.  Keep pushing forward.  If you keep at it, you will eventually break through your brick wall.  It's what separates the real musicians from the wannabes.  If you really can't muster up the motivation to keep going, maybe you should try a different profession, like knitting.

Are you guilty of having GAS?

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