Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ear Training Solution

   Keeping a journal of my practice routine (more on that to come)  is something I started doing recently and it has helped me a lot in determining what kind of material to practice on a given day.  It has also revealed many weaknesses to me that I was not particularly aware of.  One weakness that was made apparent to me is my aural abilities, so I decided to come up with my own resource for ear training.

    I did some research on some different products and software that are supposed to assist in learning this skill, and I found many seemingly great methods, but I didn't want to pay for them.  Instead, I came up with a project for myself to create my own system.

    After some thought about how to approach such a task, I decided on making a series of CDs.  There will be a CD for scales, a CD for chords and a CD for Intervals.  The format will work like this: I will record a lydian-dominant scale, for example, and leave 4 - 5 seconds of silence before I say the name of the scale out loud into the recording device.  That will comprise one track of the CD.

    After making a CD with all the things I want to learn to hear, I'll just put it in the player and turn on the shuffle mode, and go.  The idea is that in the 4 - 5 seconds of silence you are supposed to name the type of scale or chord that was just played and then your answer is checked by the name that was recorded following the silence.

    Each CD could even be turned into a series of of CDs, each one gradually more difficult.  For example, in the interval series the first CD could include intervals in just one octave or all of them from the same root note.  The next one could add more octaves or different root notes.  Their are a ton of possibilities for a series of CDs such as this.

    I encourage you to make your own CDs for ear training tailored to what you want to learn.  Have fun with it.

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