Friday, January 1, 2010

Concern About RSI


    What's an RSI, you ask?  RSI stands for repetitive stress injury or repetitive strain injury, and it is something all musicians should be concerned about.  An RSI can be caused by any number of factors, one of which is repetitive tasks such as typing or playing an instrument.

    I have a friend who is a very gifted musician, but can no longer play his instrument because of an RSI.  It could have easily been prevented if he would have been aware of the symptoms.  As you see, repetitive stress injuries are no laughing matter and all musicians need to be aware of them.

    If you are playing your instrument and you begin to feel pain or tingling in your hand(s) stop what you are doing immediately!  Your instrumental abilities could depend on it.  I am not in the least bit qualified to discuss the specifics of an RSI, but I found the following website to be helpful in explaining it.

Musician's Health

    The Musician's Health website also has some stretches on the site to add into your daily practice routine in order to lower the risk of an RSI.  Also, do some searching on the internet yourself and see what you can find.  Try putting "Repetitive Strain Injury" into wikipedia or "RSI musician" into google.

    Please look in to this as it should be important to you as a musician, and also spread the word along to all the musicians you know.  It could save your/their creative ability.


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