Friday, February 5, 2010

Back with a New Tune on the Burner


    After an unintended but much needed break from the blog, I've returned with the first song in the "Real Journey" series:  "Four" by Miles Davis.  For anyone that has a 6th edition Real Book it's on page 149.

    The key signature is showing me three flats (Bb, Eb, and Ab), so that tells me the tune is in the realm of Eb.  This piece is in 4/4 time and the basic chord changes are as follows:

|   Eb         |   Eb          |   Ebm7       |   Ab7         |
|   Fm7        |   Fm7         |   Abm7       |   Db7         |
|   Gm7        |   Gbm7   B7   |   Fm7        |   Bb7         |
First Ending: 

|   Gm7        |   Gbm7   B7   |   Fm7        |   Bb7        :| 
Second Ending:    
|   Gm7  F#m7  |   Fm7    Bb7  |   Eb         |  (Fm7    Bb7)|| 
The parentheses around the last two chords means that they are only to be played when repeating from the end of the piece. I may post some exercises that I will be using to work through the tune in the near future.

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