Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Four" Triads and Other Fundamental Harmonic Structures

    I thought I would share some of the exercises I have been doing involving this tune so that you might see a bit into my method of learning (or teaching myself).  It must be mentioned that these are not all of the things I'm doing (or thinking about), and also that these exercises were chosen/created to cater to my specific needs.  That is to say everyone has different needs and goals and will most likely require different methods to address these specific needs.

    The first thing I did, which is the first thing I do when learning any tune, was to commit the melody to memory.  I learned the melody on the lower 4 strings in the 5th position and an octave higher in the 7th position on the higher 4 strings.

    Once the melody was memorized, I picked a string group and played the basic triads of the chords on that set.  The string set I chose, for no particular reason, was [5 4 3].  The triads are shown below.

    That is where I am right now.  The next thing I will do is to learn the triads in different places on the guitar neck and then add the proper extensions (i.e. the 7th, 11th, etc.) where necessary.  After that, I will make a number of guide-tone lines (a previous article on this subject can be found here) and then improvise!  Once I can improvise fluently within the tune through multiple areas of the neck I will move on to the next tune in my "real journey."  

    Stay tuned for more ideas on practicing and learning tunes, and general foolery.  

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